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A tool to educate homeowners about the foreclosure process:

AZOSR is pleased to provide you with this workbook as a valuable tool for homeowners facing financial distress. You have taken an important step in recognizing the difficult choices affecting your future. This workbook was written to give you and your family valuable information and a resource for dealing with a potential foreclosure.

It is our hope that this workbook will help you understand your options, give you the confidence to seek assistance at the first sign of financial trouble, provide guidance in finding a reputable housing counseling agency and help you to be better prepared when working with your lender. I hope it will also raise your awareness about foreclosure “rescue” scams and how not to become a victim.

We know the effect this can have on families, neighborhoods and communities within Arizona. It is our intention to streamline current processes to benefit those facing hardship. It is our hope that this workbook helps you understand the process and your options. I believe you will find it valuable in making informed decisions about your home and your future.


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