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“You were so great to work with and I would absolutely recommend you to anyone looking to sell. I really appreciate how helpful you were throughout the whole process and willing to go the extra mile for us. Thanks again for making it such a good experience.”

Lewis & Shannon B.

“This was my first home and I feel so lucky that I had Emilee Hayes as my agent. She knows so much about so many different areas in the greater Seattle community. She is organized and prompt. Emilee could spot advantages and disadvantages of properties that we would never have considered. Without ever being coercive or pushy, she would reflect back to us our own ideas and opinions- and she was a great listener, both to our explicit and implicit communications. We feel that she hugely contributed to our decision making process.”

“My wife and I felt like we were ‘difficult’ clients: we would want to see new places immediately (like that afternoon); we would want to see places again and then change our minds about them and we couldn’t narrow down our search geographically and so we wanted to see a huge quantity of houses. Emilee couldn’t have been more accommodating with all our requests. If something was a priority for us, she made it a priority for her. And she went above and beyond the call of duty so often – down to the point where she helped us install some new doors in the house.”

“Emilee’s years of experience have meant that she has accumulated a lot of contacts in the building and real estate industry. She always knew someone who could give us specialized advice about roofing or electrical circuits or permits when we got serious about a property. But possibly her biggest strength is her strategic vision. A lot of sellers and buyers want to play games and Emilee is very skilled at recognizing the game and working out what to do about it. Had it not been for Emilee we would have been lost when it came to counter offers and pre-inspections and escalation clauses.”

Saul & Seema C.

“Wow. What can I say? Emilee has been my Realtor in getting me into a condo in the Phoenix area and then out of it three and a half years later as I moved back to the Midwest. Emilee took what had the potential to be an extremely stressful time and turned it into a smooth ride. But this was just the finale of what I call a three-and-a-half year working relationship.”

“First of all, after buying my place in Renton, I decided to rent out one of my rooms. I wasn’t sure how to do that so Emilee got me leasing forms and walked me through the process of making the renting situation legal and binding. She gave me professional advice as far as what to charge and how much deposit to ask for. Later, when I was getting ready to sell my place, I decided to enter into a “rent to own” situation, which again, he was instrumental in helping lay the ground work for. When my “buyers” decided to move to the Midwest themselves and therefore not buy the condo, I had already moved back to Chicago. I was therefore unavailable to do much with the place to get it ready to sell. I was a little beside myself. Emilee took it upon herself, to work with my current renters in making the condo inviting to new potential buyers. She stayed in regular contact with my renters, pushed them to stay on top of certain things and connected me with electricians, plumbers and contractors to do work on the condo. She paid out of pocket for these different jobs (which I of course paid her back for). What Realtor does that? She was so supportive emotionally and professionally.”

“Overall, Emilee goes out of her way to make things as best as they possibly can be for his clients. Even at the last, Emilee nit-picked a few dollars for me here and a few dollars there because, as she would say, “every bit helps.” Wow, I was really being looked out for. Would I recommend Emilee? That’s a no-brainer. Her actions speak for herself.”

Gayle S.

“I was very tentative about the buying and selling process when I first started talking with Emilee. I simply wanted to learn more about the process and the current market. Emilee was able to answer all of my questions and explain things in a way that made sense. She was very patient with my numerous questions and busy schedule as well.”

“Emilee was able to carefully balance optimism with realistic expectations which meant I was never let down and could always see the light at the end of the tunnel. I couldn’t be more pleased with the townhouse that Emilee found for me, not to mention all of her help with my old condo which he listed and sold very quickly. Based on my experiences with Emilee, I would recommend her to help sell or buy your next home.”

Alisa C.

“Christoph and I wanted to thank you again for working so diligently with us to find our dream house! It is now one year later, and we are still absolutely thrilled about our new home.”

“You impressed us from day one with your thoughtfulness and professionalism. You went out of your way to meet us at our convenience and brought helpful materials to get us started. Because this was our first house-hunting experience, we were very nervous about the complexity of the process. But you carefully listened to our hopes and fears and answered all of our questions. We immediately felt very confident working with you.”

“We were so amazed with how quickly and efficiently you led us through the paces–from the online search to the in-person tours to the offers and successful closing. We couldn’t have asked for a more level-headed, competent and diplomatic real estate agent. You were very reasonable and respectful to the sellers even as you advocated for us every step of the way. This was such a pleasant experience compared to the stories we have heard from friends and family.”

“We were also very pleased with how you connected us to other great people for the financing, escrow, legal and inspection pieces of the puzzle. Because we had done a lot of independent searches for the same services, we can say they worked very hard to get us the best deal. The way you all worked together for us as a team made this usually daunting process—yes, I will say it– enjoyable!”

“We will definitely refer our friends to you for their future house-hunting efforts. Thank you again for your amazing work!”

Susan C. & Christoph W.

“Emilee was a great help and resource to have working with me during my prolonged house search. She listened to what I wanted, even as my target house range changed over time, and made sure She understood everything I was looking for in a home. She was a great source of information and answered many questions along the way, guiding me through all the ins and outs of my first home purchase. Emilee made time for me and was happy to accommodate my tough schedule. Her recommendations were consistently spot-on and his negotiation skills were top-notch as well. She was an invaluable part of my home buying process and I will definitely use her knowledge and services next time I’m in the housing market.”

Jason D.

“You were so great to work with and I would absolutely recommend you to anyone looking to sell. I really appreciate how helpful you were throughout the whole process and willing to go the extra mile for us. Thanks again for making it such a good experience.”

Lewis & Shannon B.

“I could not be happier with my decision to use Emilee as my Realtor. This being my first home buying experience, I really had no idea how the process worked and was a bit overwhelmed. Emilee walked me through each step, offered advice where needed and took care of each and every detail. I’m still amazed at how smoothly everything went. I never felt pressured and I always believed that she was putting my best interests ahead of her own. In the end, I found what I consider to be the perfect home for me. This review doesn’t do justice for your great service, but I hope it will suffice. Thanks Emilee, I consider you a good friend now and would proudly recommend you to anyone.”

Thad T.

“Finding a home with Emilee Hayes was such a better experience than I had ever expected. Being a pretty strong-minded person, I went into the home finding venture with an extreme ideal of what I wanted. However, that ideal was hard to find. Emilee went beyond patient as we stuck to my limited geographic area and narrow price range. She made efforts to understand just what I wanted but was able to supply her much-needed expertise at just the right time. Furthermore, Emilee’s ethics made me feel very safe; I never felt as though I were entering a situation that might be profitable for Emilee, but disastrous for me. Now that I finally have found my new home I am so happy and looking back over the long search I am so glad that I had Emilee, patiently seeking out the very best for her client until she found just what we were looking for.”

David R.

“I have known Emilee since 1995 and have consistently known her to do the right thing both personally and professionally. I put a huge value on personal integrity, and I can say without reservation that Emilee is a prime example of somebody who lives and works in a manner consistent with the highest ethical standards.”

“I wholeheartedly recommend Emilee without reservation.”

Daniel J.

“Thanks for all your help selling my property. You went way beyond our agreement and it gave me peace of mind knowing you were on the job.”

Lisa M.

“Emilee provided us with great recommendations on getting our place ready for the market. We got the offer we wanted 8 hours after the house went on the market. She was professional, friendly, and stayed in communication with us through the entire process. We would happily use her as our agent again.”

Don & Brandy P.

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