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About AZ One Stop Real Estate Team

In the heart of Metro Phoenix stands AZ One Stop Real Estate Team- The Trusted Property Neighborhood. We care deeply about our clients and work hard to make sure they get the best service. Our team specializes in an all-encompassing suite of real estate services, ensuring each transaction is seamless, rewarding, and tailored to individual needs. Our approach isn’t just about transactions; it’s about crafting experiences.

We anticipate, we strategize, and most importantly, we commit to delivering unmatched value.

We first teamed up in 2011, and we felt a strong bond from the start. By putting our skills together, we became a strong team. Arcelie knows what’s new in marketing, while Emilee is great at making deals. We handle all parts of real estate, from simple home sales to big projects.

Our team isn’t just about being good at our jobs. We always aim to do more than expected. It’s not just about professional excellence; it’s about the genuine care, passion, and dedication we pour into every transaction.

“Every client, every property, every negotiation reflects our commitment, and in each, we see an opportunity to not just deliver but to exceed expectations.”

We want our clients to be happy. That’s why we use all our skills and passion to be the best in Metro Phoenix. With our team, clients can relax knowing they’re in good hands.

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Our Neighborhood Specialists

Arcelie Butterfield

Property Neighborhood Specialist

Born in the beautiful Philippines, Arcelie is a dedicated professional with a deep understanding of the real estate industry. She started her journey studying Business Administration. In 2006, she moved to Phoenix and was introduced to the world of real estate by her then-husband, a seasoned real estate investor.

Soon after her arrival, Arcelie began assisting in the office. Her quick learning ability was put to the test when she had to take on significant responsibilities due to a key team member’s maternity leave. Within a short time, Arcelie mastered the details of real estate, mortgages, and property management. Recognizing her passion and knack for the business, she secured her real estate license in 2008.

Arcelie played pivotal roles during challenging times, especially during the 2008 recession. When many businesses struggled, Arcelie’s innovative approach made a difference. She leveraged her connections in the Philippines to hire and train virtual staff, ensuring efficiency in daily operations. As the market evolved, so did Arcelie’s strategies. She adeptly switched the focus from pre-foreclosure to lender-owned properties.

Under her watch, the company has successfully purchased and sold over 5,000 homes. Beyond this, Arcelie has been instrumental in guiding countless home buyers to their dream homes and assisting investors in growing their portfolios. Her versatility is evident, from aiding investors with their retirement accounts to actively sourcing diverse property types. She is also skilled at evaluating and pricing properties, managing renovations, and recognizing the right time to list properties for maximum returns.

What truly sets Arcelie apart is her genuine love for real estate. She constantly explores fresh marketing strategies to stay ahead of the curve.

Outside of work, Arcelie cherishes her time. She enjoys moments with her 13-year-old son, her loving dog Khola, and her tight-knit circle of family and friends. A passionate traveler and food enthusiast, she loves exploring new “speakeasy” restaurants, cooking Asian delicacies, and visiting places like Mexico. Nature trips up north, lake visits, and wakeboarding are among her favorite pastimes.

With Arcelie, you aren’t just getting a real estate expert; you’re gaining a partner with a rich life experience, genuine passion, and a commitment to excellence.

Emilee Hayes

Property Neighborhood Specialist

From the tranquil embrace of the White Mountains to the lively pulse of the Valley Metro Areas and the scenic beauty of Seattle, WA, Emilee’s journey in the real estate landscape is both dynamic and storied. In a world where genuine dedication is rare, Emilee emerges as a beacon of hard work, unwavering perseverance, and a devotion that’s deeply rooted in her DNA.

Spanning a commendable 21 years, Emilee’s expertise isn’t just about numbers; it’s about a lifelong commitment. Each chapter of her professional life, be it in resale, the allure of new home communities, the intricacies of property management, the nuances of HUD, the robust world of construction, or the dynamics of leasing, stands as a testament to her rich tapestry of experiences.

But beyond her expansive skill set is a tale of legacy. Raised in a home where the echoes of property valuations and real estate deals were daily conversations, Emilee had the privilege of imbibing lessons from the very best. With a father at the helm of an Appraisal Company and a mother setting the gold standard in real estate, it was almost serendipitous for Emilee to walk this path. Her answers don’t just stem from expertise; they resonate with the wisdom of her lineage.

Today, as Emilee weaves her magic at West USA Realty, her vision is clear: to transform her venture into a holistic hub for all real estate needs. A destination where buying or selling isn’t just a transaction but an experience crafted with care.

Yet, amidst the hustle and architectural marvels, Emilee finds her solace in nature’s embrace. Whether she’s skillfully navigating golf courses, exploring mountain trails, gliding over water in a kayak, or simply basking in the myriad outdoor adventures that our splendid state offers, Emilee’s heart is always in sync with the rhythm of the outdoors.

In Emilee Hayes, you don’t just find a realtor; you discover a storyteller, a guardian of legacies, and a companion in your real estate voyage.

Work might be my passion,
but it doesn’t define me entirely

At heart, I am a mosaic of many roles that I wear with immense pride and joy. I am a doting mother to an incredibly spirited 13-year-old boy. His zest for life and endless curiosity serve as daily reminders to never stop learning and exploring. Then there’s Khola, my adorable Shorkie, who never fails to add that dash of playfulness and unconditional love to my days. With every wag and playful bark, she effortlessly turns any challenging day into a brighter one. And not to forget, by my side in this beautiful journey is my significant other. Our three-year journey together has been filled with laughter, adventures, and shared dreams. His unwavering support and companionship have been instrumental in navigating both the professional and personal avenues of my life.

In my free hours, you will see me whipping up delectable Asian dishes, wakeboarding in Saguaro Lake, or exploring hidden speakeasy restaurants. I often rejuvenate in the cooler weather up North, basking in Rocky Point, Mexico Beach, or simply enjoying close family and friends’ company in my Downtown Phoenix house.

Today, as I reflect upon my journey, I realize Phoenix was more than just a change of address; it was where I discovered my passion, honed my skills, and built lasting relationships in the vibrant tapestry of real estate. My journey is a testament to my resilience, adaptability, and passion. From the shores of the Philippines to the heart of Phoenix, I have genuinely crafted a legacy in my real estate career.

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