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When to Sell and Learn How to Qualify for Property Scorecard Listing Discount.

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We’re giving away a complimentary Boarding Pass – First Class Property Scorecard assessment for your property. This report is a comprehensive assessment of your
property’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. It’s your free pass to first class!

Schedule your Property Scorecard Walkthrough by July 31, 2023. You will qualify for a listing discount if you use one of our Property Neighborhood Specialists to sell your property.

Boarding Pass – First Class Property Scorecard report includes:

  • Professional Pre-Check that your home is “Sell Ready.”
  • Current Cromford Market Index ranking.
  • Leading market indicator scores. Anything related to Active Supply or Future Active Supply and Contracts in Escrow.
  • How far ahead or behind you are in your current market.
  • What you must do to catch up or get ahead of your competition.

The higher your scorecard, the more likely your home will sell in today’s competitive market.

Schedule a 10 MINUTE CALL, and we’ll show you exactly where you stand and give you the tools to change things so you can move forward confidently.

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